Working on the 90%

„Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% of how you react to it.“ -Charles R. Swindoll

Today should have not happend this way… I, sure didn’t plan it this way!

I woke up at 5 am today ready to go to the prayer room.  All thankful for the car I have, I drove off through the empty Sunday morning streets.  Just before I got to the Prayerhouse – my front left tire blew.  Just barely making it over a big intersection, I parked the car in a side road and walked the last bit to the prayerroom to begin my 2 hour prayer time.


How do I start a prayertime when I have a flat tire in my head – frustrated about what just happened?!  How can I truly pray when there are so many worries going through my mind?  „How will I get home?“ „I didn’t want to buy new tires this month!“ „How do I put on a spare tire ?“  „How do I get the car back home?“ :  A thousand little thoughts distracting me.  I sat down in the back of the prayerroom thinking:  „These are going to be long 2 hours!“

Thankfully though I remembered that I do have a choice!  A choice to worry and a choice to trust God.  I can sit in the prayerroom full of worry,  planing and sceaming on how to get my problem fixed or I can choose to trust in God who said he sees everything and will take care of me.  So 10 minutes into sitting in the back worrying I took a stand!

Litterally – I stood up.

One thing I have learned lately is that my physical posture in prayer has a direct influence on my heart attitude.  It matters what I do with my body in prayer and it can make the defining difference.  So I stood and began to walk and pray.  I began to remind myself of all the attributes God has. I started to see my situation from a different perspective and realized that my worrying was not going to change a thing.  Prayer has so much to do with the perspective from which you are praying.  Standing still, facing the wall I said: „God, I choose to not worry about this.  I choose you!“

I choose to work on the 90%.  How about you?

(I was later that day able to put on the spare tire and get the car home – I’m going tire shopping today 😉 )