Working on the 90%

„Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% of how you react to it.“ -Charles R. Swindoll

Today should have not happend this way… I, sure didn’t plan it this way!

I woke up at 5 am today ready to go to the prayer room.  All thankful for the car I have, I drove off through the empty Sunday morning streets.  Just before I got to the Prayerhouse – my front left tire blew.  Just barely making it over a big intersection, I parked the car in a side road and walked the last bit to the prayerroom to begin my 2 hour prayer time.


How do I start a prayertime when I have a flat tire in my head – frustrated about what just happened?!  How can I truly pray when there are so many worries going through my mind?  „How will I get home?“ „I didn’t want to buy new tires this month!“ „How do I put on a spare tire ?“  „How do I get the car back home?“ :  A thousand little thoughts distracting me.  I sat down in the back of the prayerroom thinking:  „These are going to be long 2 hours!“

Thankfully though I remembered that I do have a choice!  A choice to worry and a choice to trust God.  I can sit in the prayerroom full of worry,  planing and sceaming on how to get my problem fixed or I can choose to trust in God who said he sees everything and will take care of me.  So 10 minutes into sitting in the back worrying I took a stand!

Litterally – I stood up.

One thing I have learned lately is that my physical posture in prayer has a direct influence on my heart attitude.  It matters what I do with my body in prayer and it can make the defining difference.  So I stood and began to walk and pray.  I began to remind myself of all the attributes God has. I started to see my situation from a different perspective and realized that my worrying was not going to change a thing.  Prayer has so much to do with the perspective from which you are praying.  Standing still, facing the wall I said: „God, I choose to not worry about this.  I choose you!“

I choose to work on the 90%.  How about you?

(I was later that day able to put on the spare tire and get the car home – I’m going tire shopping today 😉 )


4 Gedanken zu „Working on the 90%

  1. Dear Jeremy
    Yes I also know how it feels facing such situation you described with the flat tire.
    Just now I’m also challenged to trust into the power of the Lord instead of thinking
    and mourning about a difficult situation within the relationship to my brothers and sister.
    I ‚m facing a second time an obvious attack of the devil trying to poison our relationship to each other trying to cause quarrels because of money.
    This morning in my quiet time I praised the Lord for HIS victory over all evil attacks and
    that his wounds and his shedded blood has the power to bring peace and victory
    over the power of evil. In the name of Jesus the Lord we may say, you have won for
    ever and nothing is more mighty then He. And I say thanks already know for all what
    He still will do for us. Amazing is his love and never ending his faithfulness. Amen

    Gefällt mir

    • Ja, amen! Wir beten, dass der Herr euch mit dem Frieden segnet, der allen Verstand übersteigt und euch hundertfach zurückgibt, was ihr so großzügig in das Reich Gottes investiert. Von Herzen! Deine/Eure Hammonds

      Gefällt mir

  2. Liebe Inka,
    deine Gedanken zum „Weinen“ haben mich sehr berührt – für jeden wohl ein sensibles Thema. Danke für Deine Offenheit, die den Leser selbst offener macht. Und mutiger, zu sich mit allen Wackeligkeiten zu stehen. Die Wahrheit macht frei – und so ist es.

    Gefällt mir

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