6 Hours for 11 Verses ?!?

How can this be?  How can you spend 360 minutes reading and reflecting on just 11 verses of the bible?  How is this possible?


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I started writing about this experience in my last blog.  This is now my third week spending 4 hours almost every day in the prayer room at the prayer house in Augsburg.  Every Thursday is a very unique Prayer Session between 10:00 – 12:00 called Worship with the Word (www).  It is a two hour session where God’s word is read, sung and meditated on.  You get to take your time – there is absolutely no rush – no agenda of having to sing a certain amount of songs or get through a whole chapter within the time.  It is litterally a slow digestion of what you hear.   (how often do I rush through what I read?)

I must admit I am absolutely fascinated by this!   Time seams to stand still – or better yet basically not exist when in these sessions.  It all starts with one of the musicians singing the bible passage.  Then the prayer leader reads the text out loud.  Next the musicians take up a word or phrase that the prayer leader just read and start singing this.  They sing God’s word.  Then the next singer picks up another facet of what was just read or connects it in a beautiful way with another truth or verse.  And so it goes on and on and keeps going deeper.  Then all of the sudden out of all the truths that were sung a chorus is built together.

As I sit there in the room with my bible in front of me, I join in the choruses singing what is on the pages in front of me.   It is then that I realize that I am not just intellectually reading or understanding something – or singing some song…but there is truth falling like a heavy stone deep into the well of my heart.  I am caught up in the moment.


The 11 verses we meditated on in the last three thursday sessions were Revelations Chapter 4 – The throne Room in Heaven.  It almost defeats the purpose if I put in words what sunk into my heart in those 6 hours.

The Throne // the 24 other thrones // the elders clothed in white // the sea of glas // the 4 living creatures // the laying down of crowns // the constant worship

The simple truth is – there IS a throne room and one day I will be there.

The meditation culmitates in verse 11 with:

 „You are worthy, O Lord our God, to receive glory and honor and power.  For you created everything, and it is for your pleasure that they exist and were created“

What a counter cultural statement in-and-of-itself that is!    A literall expression of what is done 24/7 at the prayer house.  There is a reason for all the wasteful extravageance of talent and time and it is found in these 11 verses (and many others).  It is all so diametrically „OTHER“ to the laws and principles of this world.   Everythings obtains and loses its meaning before His throne.

And then the stone of truth hits rock bottom:  I am created for HIS pleasure – and every cell of my body seams to respond by saying „Yes“!


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