Good-byes & Good-readings

A decision made in November became reality last thursday when I had my last day at Infineon.  Sadness, joy, anticipation and persistance all seam possible to feel within a single emotion.  So many heartfelt „goodbyes“ said in one day were not easy to handle.

I am filled with such thankfulness for my team at Infineon and the many challenges and victories we won together.  They were intense 2,5 years.  We re-invented recruiting.   I am sure I will need to reflect so much more on the past 12 years in Business – from Bank Teller, to Salesman, to Headhunter, to Project Manager, to Talent Attraction Manager to Prayer House Missionary.   I write this with a smirk on my face.  😉  I’m sure more reflections on this will follow.

I will miss my Dream-Team:  the creative mind-changers, the extreme hard workers, the practical professionals, the fighters who closed the ranks to help out, the innovators, the many laughs and the fun.


My farewell gift from my Team – A Calender to remember the good times

Next week I start at the prayer house in Augsburg, devoting most of my energy and time to prayer.  I am sure this will be an adjustment – I still feel very much „stuck“ in my mind in the business world.  What will it be like to spend most of my energy and time in prayer?  Will God surprise me?  Will it seam as crazy at it sounds at times when I’ve shared it with people?  Or will it feel like „coming home“?  I am filled with a curiosity and look forward to a new lifestyle.    Today I had an initial meeting with my future morning-shift leader at the prayer house.  It made it all become more real.  I am so excited to be working together with a fellow Viennese.

On Friday I will leave for a couple days for „alone-time“ – off to explore the Stauden-Meditationsweg in „Westliche Wälder“ – a huge Forest west of Augsburg.  I have such a longing in me to reflect.  I am so thankful to my wife who made this possible and gave me these days as my valentines day gift.


Along with me, I will be be taking some of the most explosive and dangerous books I have read.  These books have been such a challenge and encouragement to me over the past 6 months. They have challenged me to embrace life – to live it to the fullest! – to challenge the status quo – to not let fear dominate my decisions – to go deeper and fight mediocrity.  So in case you are looking for a dangerous read… here is my strong recommendation:

Perhaps you have already read one of these books? – I would love to hear your thoughts!


  • don’t waste your life by John Piper  (German) Dein Leben ist einmalig: Vergeude es nicht! available here
  • In meinem Herzen Feuer: Meine Aufregende Reise ins Gebet by Johannes Hartl available here
  • All the places to go.  How will you know? by John Ortberg  (German)  Die Tür ist offen! available here
  • All In by Mark Batterson  (German) Nachfolge Total available here
  • Risk is Right by John Piper



Ein Gedanke zu „Good-byes & Good-readings

  1. Dear Jeremy
    I knew Johannes Hartl from the Thursday evenings but his book (in meinem Herzen Feuer“
    changed my exhausted seldom prayer life into a regular daily prayer time and my personal
    fellowship to the Lord into a more intimate one. Reading the book I experienced a flow of
    grace to myself and starting a fire of longing to be nearer to the heart of Jesus.
    For me a very important book. I read it even twice to get more deeply down his words into my heart. The other books I don’t know yet.
    Maranatha Lord

    Gefällt mir

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