Global Grading vs. God’s Grading

2 more days left at my job – Infineon!  I cannot describe what an emotional rollercoaster it has been for me these past weeks.   It is hard for me to even put it in words.  Leaving my job for the unkown.  Leaving a good team.  Leaving a great boss.  Leaving a very good paycheck.  Leaving a career.  Leaving security.  Leaving success.   I cannot deny it, but leaving hurts.   At times it has felt like I am cutting off my arm.  And on certain days I have been fighting my natural instincts as a man to hold on to success, praise, security and career.    “Stay the course!” and “Be persistent!” – phrases that have been filled with tremendous meaning for me in the past days.


So now there are a lot of “Goodbyes” ahead of me.

With our ministry at the prayer house in Augsburg being completely funded by support – we are entering into a totally new lifestyle of dependence.   And I need to share this secret with you:  It is a privilege!  – and just like the emotion of fear has come over me in the past weeks –  I have also felt great joy and anticipation thinking  – “God: How are you going to pull this off?”  I am beginning to feel the thrill.

Infineon like every other Global DAX Company is a part of a Towers Watson Global Grading system which categorizes each job, each role according to its influence and scope into a grading system that thus determines your income.  If I would have stayed on at Infineon it would have been in these days that I would have received my promotion: entering an elite group within the company.  I would have left the collective agreement (IG Metall) and join the circle of GG employment (“Außertariflicher Angestellter“).  I would have become a Global Grade employee.  Certainly a great honor within the company that is always accompanied by a visit from the CEO and a laudatio held by your boss in front of your colleagues.

But now I am leaving and being promoted to a different GG Level – I call it “God’s Grading”.  He will now be the One who categorizes my job;  Setting the scope and the pay scale.  It is a promotion of a different kind.   Now I know that my Infineon Colleagues reading this might consider this extreme naïve thinking.   But I have the feeling it is closer to rock solid life than a paycheck.  And my big dream is one day soon to be able to testify about how wonderful this promotion has been.

As I was struggling through our financial setup with the lady responsible for the finances at the prayer house, she said something to me that put much of my fear I was feeling into perspective: “Jeremy, sometimes you have to make space in your life in order for God to break through”.  How true.   And so with anticipation I wait……because it is worth it all!

Where is God calling you to make space – to give up control- in order for him to show up?

This song from Jake Hamilton has been an expression of my heart these past days.

It feels like there’s something that’s just beyond reach
There is a wall that I’ve yet to breach
There is a truth that I finally see
I have no idea what I am doing

And You are still there
And You lead me there
Just beyond the breaking

There is a road that’s less traveled upon
And there is a lover and there is a song
And lets all agree we should all get along
We have no idea what we’re doing

And You are still there
And You lead me there
Just beyond the breaking

All I can offer is skin and bone
to the greatest love I’ve ever known.

It’s gonna be worth it. It’s gonna be worth it all.


2 Gedanken zu „Global Grading vs. God’s Grading

  1. My dear Hammonds. I’ve been following this blog silently since I got to know Jeremy personally at the MEHR2016 conference in Augsburg. Ironically I found myself in the situation to be his team leader in our small work group. Lucky me: I didn’t know at that time what kind of a professional expert in leading a team I found myself with. What moved me from the very beginning was your deep authenticity and humble heart to serve a common purpose. Now that your final days in your old job have come: welcome to the new experience that lies ahead you as a family. I’m so challenged by what you are about to do as a familiy of six. At the same time your decisions as a family to step out in faith into something completely new is a sign for me personally to think about my own strategies anew. You are a brave bunch of people and you got yourself a friend in prayer to help you succeed at your new workplace as a prayer missionary at the house of prayer in Augsburg. Be blessed!

    Gefällt mir

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