What in the World is God doing…?

…in Europe?  At the European House of Prayer Conference, „MEHR 2016„, in January I was awe struck by the exhibition of the many prayer houses that are springing up all over Europe.  In the middle of the busy fair hall with over 7000 people:  There stood the exhibition of God’s handwriting in Europe.   I just had to document this and took these pictures.  From Stoke-on-Trent (U.K.) to Casterta, Italy.  From Latvia to the red light district in Amsterdam all the way to Toulouse, France.   In Germany alone over 18 Prayer houses have started over the past 5 years! 


Collage of Prayer Houses in Europe: Check out the links to their websites above or here

Now I know you might think “what is so special about this?  Churches are starting up as well and growing.”  This is thankfully very true!  God is moving in His church in Europe.   But he is equally also calling His church to the essentials of prayer.  Far too often churches get stuck in their programs and events where it is all about how things are being received.   It is then so good to be reminded what this life is really about:  sitting at Christ’s feet and enjoying Him.   We also tend to stay within our denominational boundaries.  And now that is what truly is remarkable about the European prayer movement: Different denominations and people from all sorts of backgrounds are joining together to start these houses of prayer.  I just recently heard that there are apx. over 30.000 Christian denominations in the world.   Isn’t it true that in the midst of this colorful diversity of the body of Christ we all have a deep longing for unity – to focus on what really matters.   Inka and I get a taste of what this unity can look like at the prayer house in Augsburg where I will be working along side of Catholics, Lutherans, Pentecostals and people of free-church background like myself.   What a priveledge and challenge at the same time.

„In great matters, unity; in small matters, liberty; but in all matters, love.“
Nikolaus Ludwig Graf von Zinzendorf

God does seem to be doing something new in Europe.  Just in the past weeks I heard from two people in different parts of Germany that are pursuing the vision of starting new prayer houses in their cities.  People all over Europe are growing with a hunger to be on their knees before Jesus and adore him and pray for revival and breakthrough in their cities.  God is doing something new in Germany.  He is doing something new in Europe!  Let’s remember this when we hear of the terrible news of the breakdown of Europe, the growing nationalism and the challenges of the refugee crises.

new 092

Each number represents a Prayer House in Germany where the vision ist to eventually get to the point of 24/7 – non-stop prayer

Do you want to join this movement?   Are you intersted in supporting us? – then click here.

P.S. If you are reading this from outside of Europe and wondering how you can support us –   there is a very easy way to do this now through paypal.


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